You have now entered a realm where you can openly discuss your feelings, your theories, even your encounters with things that go bump in the night… objects that zoom through the sky…dreams that have foretold your future…and all the other shadowy mysteries that cry out for answers. Congratulations! You will now have the opportunity to visit my site.

Supernatural Dating Society™

Here are some of the people waiting to meet you:

Ariela, Australia

Hi, I’m Ariella and I’m looking for others who have witnessed formations of lights in their skies.

I have contacted the nearest airbase and they always make short work of my reports. The activity has been increasing.

Can’t understand why this hasn’t gotten wider coverage. Please contact me

Mitch, UK

My name is Mitch, is there any one out there who is aware of shadow figures that come and go at will?

Usually, I just catch a glimpse of them out of the corner of my eye. But they are terrifying to have to live with.

If you have had a similar experience, please contact me.

Tony, USA

I have seen ghosts. Yes, on several occasions they have made their presence known to me.

I live alone in a condo. They usually appear at night. It has become enough of a problem for me to contact the church.